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David John Miller is a multiple genre Harmonicist, Vocalist, Guitarist, Teacher, Promoter and Owner of David Miller Live Music of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and President of Jazz Unlimited. David Miller Live Music encompasses all music projects related to David Miller; Dave Miller Band, Dave Miller Blues and Jazz Trio, Dave Miller Blues Duo, and Dave Miller Blues Solo. David’s business also Promotes Local and National Acts from the learned skills of the world-renowned late Blues Promoter; Tom Radai! David Miller of the Dave Miller Band loves pouring out heart and soul into every performance that can fulfill any venue and genre with a high energy eclectic repertoire from Blues-Rock to Jazz and Blues, and is sure to satisfy the fans all the way to the venue owners with expertise and professional musicianship. For venues that require a smaller group, David Miller can provide the mellow tunes of a Trio, Duo or Solo show. Please refer to the Promo Pack page for more useful information.
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Endorsements for David Miller [bit.ly/2BuCyVc]:
"Dave is a marketing guru with visionary ideas and ability to articulate complicated ideas clearly and elegantly." From: Kalee Price on Feb 25, 2012 • "Dave is an outstanding musician and friend his blues harmonica is an enjoyment to listen to." From: Kalee Price on May 18, 2012 • "Dave’s musical talents are creative, and refreshing." From: Daniel A Kriefall on Apr 27, 2012 • "Dave is a hard-working musician with an undying passion for his music." From: Jay Genske on Mar 30, 2012 • "Dave has a unique combination of creativity, strong work ethic, and management skills." From: Lynette Ross on Mar 30, 2012 • "Talented blues and jazz musician. Eclectic and spontaneous with many various gigs. A real entertainer and professional!" From: Tamar Smirl on Mar 22, 2012 • "Dave spots trends and comes up with cutting edge ideas. Very innovative." From: Holly Payne on Mar 17, 2012 • "Dave is a leader which any company would be lucky to have. A true asset." From: Jeff Peterson on Feb 25, 2012 • "Creative, passionate, dedicated, driven. Dave is all of these and much more. An incredible musician and lover of life!!" From: Jeff Peterson on Mar 13, 2012 • "Dave is a constant source of new ideas. Creative, passionate, and fun to be around." From: Cynical Angel on Mar 8, 2012 • "Dave is the definition of performance. Someone who always gets the job done." From: PiƱero Julio Alejandro on Mar 4, 2012 • "Good Music Great Sound! 2012" From: Fittedsole Gooneez on Mar 3, 2012 • "Dave is a marketer in the true essence of the word. He has the ability to communicate in a great way to be wanting more information!" From: Eric Brown on Feb 27, 2012 • "Dave is great. Clever, amicable, trustworthy. Someone who always gets the job done and has fun while doing it." From: Vera Nowak on Feb 26, 2012 • "Dave has a unique combination of creativity, strong work ethic, and management skills." From: Tamar Smirl on Feb 26, 2012 • "He is dedicated and uses rare talent in what he does." From: David P Klein Art on Feb 26, 2012 • "I endorse Dave Miller." - Glenn Davis Doctor G” From: Glenn Davis on Feb 25, 2012 • "Dave is the type of person you can always count on. Strong work ethic. Solid values." From: Cynical Angel on Feb 25, 2012 • "Dave Miller has the rhythm and he is the master of the blues." From: Kellie Levans-Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner on Feb 25, 2012 • "Dave is unfazed by challenges. Always prepared to take on anything encountered." From: Audrey Analla on Feb 25, 2012 • "I like Dave. He is a real go getter." From: Bob Noll on Feb 25, 2012 • "Dave is great. Clever, amicable, trustworthy. Someone who always gets the job done and has fun while doing it." From: Kristine Abler on Feb 25, 2012 • "I’ve seen Dave jump in many times and play harmonica in tunes with which that seemed very unlikely, and made it sound natural, and GOOD." From: Brian Holm on Feb 25, 2012 • Jeff Salisbury "David Miller, a true professional! I have heard others referred to Dave as the hardest working musician in Milwaukee. I agree. 3 years ago, after a 15-year hiatus from playing drums, I wanted to get back to playing. I had heard David was holding open jams at different venues in Milwaukee. As with all musicians that would show up to play, David encouraged me to play and keep coming back. 3 years later with his encouragement and suggestions, I have my own band. I have learned so much from David and will be forever grateful. Probably the biggest and most important lesson I have learned is the importance of giving back. My band hosts open jams with the focus of supplying a venue for musicians o come share their craft or maybe just get them back out there. Thank you, David, for your encouragement, mentorship and above all, FRIENDSHIP!" 10/31/2013 • Tamar Smirl "I have a member of Jazz Unlimited and have numerous opportunities to see Dave perform. His dedication to the art and the experience of music and sharing is obviously a lifelong devotion. Not many would be brave enough to follow such an artistic path and use it a means of living. It is extremely admirable and his ability to bring that admiration and appreciation of music as a teacher is especially important to me as I am a teacher. I wholeheartedly endorse him." 11/01/2013 • Tamar Smirl "I have known Dave through Jazz Unlimited; he is a great musician and wonderful leader." 12/10/2013 • Steve Smith "I’ve only recently come to know David, but in the short time I’ve known him, I’ve been very impressed with his obvious passion for music, particularly live musical performance and the promotion of live blues and jazz. His enthusiasm is clearly having a positive impact on the local music scene and I anticipate that his efforts will lead to a re-energized and thriving local music scene in Milwaukee." 10/30/2013 • Chris Peppas “I have played with and for David Miller for several years and know he is firing on all cylinders when it comes to playing, teaching, booking and promoting his and other bands in our area. No one outworks or out-promotes Dave when it comes to all things music. He generously shares the spotlight, can play just about every genre of music there is. And to top it off, he is one of the best blues harpists I have seen perform live. That would be enough for most musicians, but it is just the tip of the iceberg with him." 11/5/2013 • Betsy Holmes "Dave’s name and presence are highly visible mainstays of Milwaukee music scene; I believe this speaks clearly to his ability as booking agent. As a musician, I find him to be a competent, pleasing, and polished player/performer who is gracious to his fellow musicians on stage. He also communicates his interest in / appreciation for the listening (paying) audience. I admire his ability to combine his love for the art of music with an appreciation/understanding of its business side." 11/01/2013 • Bob Ellicson "Dave Miller has been the utmost professional in his musical relationships as a musician, teacher, booking agent and band leader. I have known him for several years now and rely on his expertise in these fields. He has booked us several times in the past and is very easy to get along with!! He is a great musician and friend." 10/30/2013 • John Destefanis "David has a key attribute, besides being a fine musician; He has character and integrity, and this serves him well as a leader and a booking agent." 10/30/2013 • Bill Seaman "David Miller is one of the hardest working music people in Milwaukee and he involves many folks and never complains. I enjoy joining him as he appreciates all that play along with him!" 10/29/2013 • Bruce Cole "David is a strong professional and a very talented musician. I’ve worked with David for several years now and it’s been a fun, as well as a learning experience." 10/31/2013 • Sharon Schmidt “Anyone who has dealt with David will tell you what a conscientious hard-working person he is. Very talented in music as well as a great leader." 10/30/2013 • Tom Perlongo "David Miller is one of the BEST musicians Milwaukee has to offer! With his style of harmonica playing, he holds truth in the meaning Blues! Thanks Dave for showing your great gift!" 10/29/2012 • Pamela Rigden "Very talented musician. Interacted with him at a local vendor fair; he played great music and the crowd was into every song." 10/29/2013 • Bill White "Yes! David is doing a great job at supporting and promoting live music in Milwaukee. I thank him for that. Hell, I can’t imagine life without it." 10/29/2013 • Rodney Knash "Great musician promoter and friend. Gives so much to the music scene. A real professional and a really good guy." 10/29/2013 • Dan Ringsred "Dave is the consummate gentleman in the body of a bad ass blues man. A pleasure to listen to, play with and be taught by." 10/30/2013 • Joe Gleesing "Dave is awesome to work with. I real class act!!" 10/31/2013 • Angela Theus "David is an excellent musician and person. He is great to perform with or watch!" 11/05/2013 • Kevin Kress "Dave is a great blues man. Very professional, courteous, funny and hard working. I would recommend hiring Dave Miller for any musical gig." 11/05/2013 • Larry Buckman "I first Met Dave at a Venue near Cedarburg, then jammed occasionally at Latest Edition in Jackson where Dave hosted. Dave is exceptional on harp, versatile through several music genres. Dave is the go-to guy for lessons, gigs, organization of jams. Dave is approachable, professional, friendly, and likeable." 11/06/2013 • Jessica Buehler "I could always count on Dave to pack the house. I worked with Dave for over a year while at Andrew’s Bar and Restaurant. Not only does he go above and beyond in promoting his gigs, he is very professional. I booked Dave to play every month at Andrew’s in addition to musicians he represents. He has built up quite the following at the Delafield Hotel." 11/01/2013 • Val Sigal "I know David as a great Band leader and excellent jam sessions host in Milwaukee, WI area. His repertoire consists of Blues, Rock and Roll, and Jazz; and his song list is endless. Dave can satisfy any music taste in these genres. I attend his jam sessions often and always have a lot of fun." 12/14/2013 • Yvonne Zarcone "I work with David on the Jazz Unlimited Board. He is the current President and coming up with some new ideas that hopefully will help grow this club. He seems to be a good booking agent now only for himself but for others as well." 11/06/2013 • Chuck Benedon "Nicest guy in show business! Honest, reliable and talented. Dave is a great guy to work with." 11/06/2013 • Lynne Bannon "Great, and hard-working musician." 02/07/2014 • Bob Ellicson recommends David Miller Live Music: "Great organizational skills for sure and knowing what genre fits when and where. Very talented in whatever he does." 09/20/2018 • Paul Stewart-Loco Riff Raff band "Great band, If you get a chance to see them don't miss them !!!" • Loren Adams-The Loren Adams Collection - Fine Art "I'm so happy to get to recommend Dave Miller for his enormous time honored talent and outstanding sound. I recognize the quality!" • Ulik/Henry Ford-Ulik Style Quality Sounds "David is open and passionate about helping music lovers and musicians, take their experience to the next level. He does not hesitate to offer professional advice to assist in achieving their goals. Great guy." • Colette Bluma-Wisconsin's Got Talent "David is clearly the headstone of Milwaukee's musical family!" • Susan Pack-Ayurveda Wellness "David Miller is a talented musician. His music is so enjoyable that after introducing my friends to him, they start arranging get-togethers around his playing schedule. Check him out! You won't regret it." • Bill Begos-Caricatures & Comedy by Bill Begos a Division of Mercy Creative Studios, LLC "David is talented and professional. A pleasure to work with." • Eric Wennerstrand "David is a hard working Milwaukee based Musician and Promoter. He is both a strong leader and a team player. His contributions and dedication make him great asset to his associates, music venues and peers in the SE Wisconsin music scene. Thanks Dave! Eric Wennerstrand Singer / Songwriter E is for Epic" • Ann Rakowiecki-MKE MKTG CO "Dedicated musician who strives to provide the best entertainment for audiences and venue owners." • Carmen Nickerson "David is a fabulous musician and also has his business side together, which is a combo that's sometimes hard to find." • Jay Bald-CAPTAIN ELECTRIC "Call them if you really like live music and want to grow." • K.L. Watling-Keith Watling guitarist "Hardest working musician in Milwaukee. Steadfast promoter of live music. Great blues harp!" • Suzanne Grzanna-Diva Records LLC / Grzanna Jazz Productions LLC "David Miller is a fantastic musician and resourceful businessman. He is honest, dependable and hardworking. I have worked with him through Jazz Unlimited. He is someone I am happy to have connected with in Milwaukee. I recommend David Miller - He has true integrity." • Ellen J. Miller-Miller Home Care Service "David is very talented, and with the other members of his band, makes for wonderful music! It is a must hear!!"

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